‘Manipulated Memories: Prose and Poetry’ by S.E. Anthony

It is time to welcome myself back home. Manipulated Memories is an exploration of self-love, distorted truth, and mental health. After coming to painful realizations amidst her daily journaling, S.E. Anthony was forced to explore her inner self, question a deranged reality, and seek growth after devastation. Creation can emerge out of destruction; words can […]

S.E. Anthony shares her bold journey to healing in new book of poetry

When author-spoken word poet, S.E. Anthony speaks, she invites her audience to follow her on a bold journey. The journey is poetic muse of self-reflection. Anthony, a D.C. native, has shared her journey of healing through her poetic work, Manipulated Memories: Prose and Poetry.  The passion behind Anthony’s pen stems from a desire to help […]