Saucy Santana torched for old tweets calling Blue Ivy’s hair ‘nappy’; he responds

Rapper Saucy Santana is swinging back at the fierce and formidable “Bey-Hive” when they came for her after old tweets were unearthed calling Blue Ivy Carter “nappy-headed” and Beyoncé “dry.” Santana, a 28-year-old emcee who was born in Bridgeport, Connecticut, as Justin Harris, made very disparaging comments about Queen Bey and her daughter Blue Ivy […]

Saucy Santana steals show at Hawks game after receiving advice from City Girls

All eyes were on rapper Saucy Santana on Nov. 20 as a part of the Atlanta Hawks’ Pride Night. After the first quarter of Atlanta’s 115-105 win over the Charlotte Hornets, Santana performed singles “Walk” and “Here We Go” from the Delta 360 Club, a courtside bar behind the basket on the side of the […]

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