Author Shunda Brown inspires goalsetters with Scripture-based segments

Shunda Brown, a proud mother of two adult children and “Grammy” of two baby girls, recently released her book, Do Something New. This compilation of 20 brief chapters is designed to guide readers to become doers of the Word as well as doers of things that will enhance their lives. Brown peppered her text with probing […]

Dana M. Peck’s ‘It’s in the Bible’ encourages study of Scriptures

As is the case with many curious people, Dana M. Peck’s book idea began with her need to find an answer to a question. “I often wondered about the origin of many catch-phrases that people cite in regular, day-to-day conversations. So many of them originate from the Bible, and this underscores the importance and relevance […]

20 Important Scriptures For Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day Weekend couldn’t have come quickly enough. From your job to your family responsibilities, the past few weeks have been a strain, to say the least. But thankfully, this long weekend brings a great opportunity to rest, recuperate and rejuvenate. So on this Labor Day Sunday, I thought it would be nice if we […]

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