Former Dekalb County sergeant sentenced to prison for creating fake credit card lab

A Georgia man was convicted and sentenced to prison for creating a fake credit card and ID laboratory. Claude Goines, 35, is a former DeKalb County sergeant who operated the carding lab, which provided him the tools he needed to manufacture fraudulent credit cards and driver’s licenses. Goines just so happened to be placed there […]

White cop purposely coughs on residents of Baltimore housing project (video)

A Baltimore sergeant is being investigated after an incident involving residents at a housing complex on the east side of the city, according to TMZ. The officer was walking through the complex when he was met by a woman recording and executing a light interrogation. His direct response to her was to cough with his […]

Arizona Cop’s Facebook Photo Shows Teens Holding Bullet-Riddled Obama Image

Sgt. Pat Shearer, a 25-year veteran of the Peoria police force, thought it was not “that big of a deal” that he photographed a group of teenagers holding a bullet-riddled image of the president of the United States and later posted it on his Facebook page. The Secret Service is investigating the Arizona police sergeant […]