R. Kelly’s manager is wanted by police in Georgia

A nightmare for any manager of a celebrity is when your client gets in legal trouble. But what is worse is when your client is R. Kelly and you get caught up in his foolishness. That is apparently what has happened to R. Kelly’s manager James Mason, who is now wanted by police in the […]

R. Kelly confessional? Social media’s wild reactions to singer’s ‘I Admit’

Prolific R&B singer-songwriter R. Kelly finally addresses the many accusations of lurid sexual misconduct that have been lobbed at him throughout his career with a long 19-minute single titled “I Admit.” In the track, which dropped early Monday morning, Robert Sylvester Kelly, 51, once again denies the litany of transgressions attributed to him and addresses […]

Surprise: Many Black women defend R. Kelly

Despite overwhelming and damning circumstantial evidence to suggest that legendary R&B singer R. Kelly engaged in an uninterrupted pattern of gross sexual impropriety — and even statutory rape, if you include allegedly sexing down the late singer Aaliyah when she was just a teen — for the past three decades, there are many Black women […]

R. Kelly finally speaks out on multiple sex scandals

Is R. Kelly next? It sure seems like R. Kelly feels that he’s the next target of the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements … as well as the prosecutor’s office now that another legend, Bill Cosby, has been convicted for his assortment of sexual transgressions. He has armed himself with legal hounds and has gone onto […]

‘I believe I can burn’: R. Kelly accused of deliberately spreading STD   

An unidentified woman in Dallas is making a bombshell allegation against singer R.Kelly. The woman claims she was being groomed for R. Kelly’s alleged sex cult when she was 19. According to the Washington Post, she dated the singer from June 2017 to February 2018 when the relationship ended suddenly. According to the woman’s lawyer, […]

R. Kelly evicted from Georgia mansion for back rent

If you are driving through the upscale John’s Creek neighborhood in Georgia, those items outside that mansion might belong to R. Kelly. An eviction notice was posted issued in Fulton County Magistrate Court for the R&B icon over nonpayment of rent. According to the court documents, Robert Kelly was renting the mansion located at 405 […]

Another R. Kelly ex-girlfriend speaks, says he doused women in urine

The sick, sordid sex tales of singer R. Kelly just keeps trickling out at regular intervals like a leaking faucet. This newest shocking story about R. Kelly’s alleged abusive behavior comes from Rolling Stone, who interviewed Dallas DJ Kitti Jones. She said she quit her radio job in 2011 to live with him in Chicago. […]

R. Kelly alleged victim says abuse started when she was 16 (video)

An alleged former captive in R&B singer R. Kelly’s alleged sex cult has come forward. Jerhonda Pace, 24, claims she met R. Kelly at the age of 16, during his infamous 2008 child pornography trial. Soon Pace found herself in Kelly’s innermost circles that led to a fateful night on a tour bus. According to an […]

Parents beg to see daughter at R. Kelly sex cult in Atlanta

It has come to this in the R. Kelly sex cult scandal: The parents of Jocelyn Savage have gotten on their knees to plead with R. Kelly to allow them to see their daughter while his tour is in Atlanta. According to TMZ, the Savages feel like they may never get the opportunity to see Jocelyn […]

Atlanta: Transgender, sex cult, R&B and herpes scandals hit city

The month of July ended with the social media spotlight shining on the city of Atlanta because of transgenders, herpes, sex-cults, and R&B. For many, it seemed like an episode straight out of the hit animated series “The Boondocks” as well known R&B artists were involved in salacious sexual scandals, some alleged and some proven […]

Family hires legal team to rescue daughter from R. Kelly’s clutches

The parents of Jocelyn Savage, a member of R. Kelly’s alleged sex cult, have hired the services of respected Atlanta attorney Gerald R. Griggs. R. Kelly has denied that he is keeping any women against their will at residences in Chicago and Atlanta. In an interview with TMZ, Savage says she is in “a happy […]

Family of R. Kelly’s alleged sex cult victim cuts diss record

Perhaps in a desperate attempt to rescue their family member from R. Kelly’s clutches, the family of R. Kelly’s alleged “cult” victim decided to air their anger through a rap song and video. The legendary crooner and songwriter has been accused of running an abusive sex cult in Chicago and Atlanta. The family of Joycelyn Savage, in […]

Woman denies R. Kelly is holding her captive (video)

Joycelyn Savage, the 21-year-old woman whose family held a press conference to try to coax her away from R. Kelly, is denying she is being held against her will by the R&B singer. Nevertheless, the internet is going crazy as they notice the shadow on Savage’s shirt allegedly telling her to say “no” and the […]

R. Kelly denies keeping women in sex cult against their will

If you believe the explosive report coming from Buzzfeed News, it looks like R. Kelly hasn’t learned a thing since coming close to going to prison for allegedly urinating on an underage girl during a videotaped sex session many years ago. This incendiary report goes a long way into feeding his image as a two-legged […]