50 Cent slammed for asking why Jada discussed sex issues with Will Smith

Rapper 50 Cent is getting flamed for questioning the decision of actress Jada Pinkett Smith to air her sexual foibles with husband and A-list actor Will Smith. After becoming Hollywood heavyweights through box office blockbusters like Men in Black and The Matrix franchise, the Will and Pinkett Smith marriage has become internet fodder in recent […]

Cynthia Bailey admits hating ‘horrible’ quiet sex with Mike Hill; ‘It sucks’

Cynthia Bailey bemoaned the unrelenting quarantine that relegated her family to the house, which represented a major interrupter to her quiet time with fiancé Mike Hill. In fact, she says because everyone was always home every night, she was forced to have “quiet” sex and grumbled that it “sucks.” “Quarantine in a house with all […]

Fit Fridays with Tracy: 5 ways exercise can improve your sex life

Let’s face it: we all want better sex. People take all sorts of pills and potions in the name of upping their sex game. Our resident fitness expert, Tracy Springs, says there are natural ways to improve your sex life. All it takes is a little dedication to regular excise and before you know it, […]

Why flings and affairs help spread herpes

Flings and affairs may seem exciting, adding an adrenaline rush in the moment, but when life starts to settle back down, the consequences of these actions become clearer, with herpes being a forerunner of these consequences. Although you can easily catch herpes from a long-term partner or in a monogamous relationship as you can from a […]

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