Sheree Whitfield delivers gut punch to ex-husband Bob

Sheree Whitfield has finally resolved her relationship woes with ex-husband Bob, after he resurfaced to rekindle their romance. During last week’s tearjerker episode, fans witnessed Whitfield burst into tears after the former NFLer appeared to admit to abusing her during their marriage. “Maybe I didn’t choke you hard enough,” he said. Now, in a […]

How much ‘Real Housewives’ Sheree Whitfield owes state, ex-lawyers

Former “Real Housewives of Atlanta” cast member Sheree Whitfield once famously said that she doesn’t shop on a budget. We bet she wishes now that she had. According to reports, the least likable of the “RHOA” stars owes the state of Georgia $41,752.83 for unpaid taxes in 2009 and 2010. In addition, the ex-wife to […]