Sheriff David A. Clarke barred from Twitter for promoting violence

Radical right-wing rabble-rouser David A. Clarke Jr., the infamous former sheriff of Milwaukee County, was temporarily barred from Twitter for violating the social media site’s terms of service. Twitter users filed complaints that three of his tweets seemed to be calling for violence against members of the media. For example, Clarke tweeted the following message, […]

Sheriff David Clarke resigns from Milwaukee County Jail

David Clarke, the controversial sheriff of Milwaukee County, Wisconsin, who used his position to launch a career as a conservative talking head and high-profile supporter of President Donald Trump, has resigned his law enforcement post, according to local media reports. Clarke’s willingness to back the actions of other law enforcement officers in any situation and […]

Pregnant woman raped in Sheriff Clarke’s jail awarded millions

MILWAUKEE — A former female inmate who was sexually assaulted multiple times at the Milwaukee County Jail — which was run by Sheriff David Clarke — was awarded $6.7 million by a jury. The woman, who was 19 at the time, claimed in court that she was raped repeatedly by a prison guard while she served time in a […]

Sheriff David Clarke considered for Homeland Security position

In news that should not come as a surprise to anyone familiar with politics, David Clarke, the far right-wing Republican sheriff from Wisconsin, is now reportedly in line for a post in Homeland Security within the Trump administration. Clarke, 60, the longtime outspoken law enforcement king of Milwaukee County, is being considered for the position […]