Hip-hop legend Shock G of Digital Underground dead at 57

Digital Underground’s frontman Shock G was reportedly found dead in a Tampa hotel room on Thursday, April 22, 2021. According to TMZ, Shock G’s father, Edward Racker, delivered the news and there were no signs of trauma. The cause of death is unclear at this juncture. Racker did allow that authorities will conduct an autopsy […]

Dru Hill, Silk and Shock G live at Chicago Theatre

Hosted by Chicago’s old-school and R&B station, V103, and sponsored by the Black McDonald’s Operators Association Chicago, everyone’s favorite ’90s R&B stars had the ladies screaming last night at the Chicago Theatre. Performers included Dru Hill, Silk and Shock G of Digital Underground featuring Humpty Hump, DJ Fuze and Peewee. Chicago-based quartet, Public Announcement opened up the […]

Art, Beats and Lyrics at Compound Nightclub Atlanta

If you’re into old school hip-hop, then you were probably at Gentleman Jack ‘s Arts, Beats, and Lyrics  Friday night. Filled to capacity, the Compound Nightclub brought some hip-hop legends out to rock the crowd — remember Digital Underground. I’m sure you would have been doing the ‘Humpty Dance’ all night. Check out a few […]