Kelli Saulny says love, consistency and authenticity are her superpowers

Kelli Saulny lives for entrepreneurship. Her grandfather founded a successful beverage company, and she attributes her entrepreneurship journey to him. She is a goal-oriented operations consultant with more than 10 years of experience in end-to-end business scaling and strategy expertise that directly results in expansion, efficiency improvements and cost savings. Saulny spent 11 years at […]

Former beauty queen Kamie Crawford wants young women to dream fearlessly

Kamie Crawford (Photo Credit: Louis D’Amato) Kamie Crawford is a model, television host, and entrepreneur. In 2010 she became the first Miss Teen USA from Maryland. She fully immersed herself in the digital beauty space by starting a YouTube channel featuring tutorials on how to get her go-to beauty looks. The enterprising beauty earned her degree […]

Amanda Spann’s multicultural dating app is a winner

As a consultant, Amanda Spann provides brand-building resources. Her portfolio includes working with aspiring entrepreneurs through her firm, Spann & Company. She previously was a co-founder of tiphub, an accelerator community for entrepreneurs in Africa and the African Diaspora. Spann has rebooted her dating app Culture Crush, which allows eligible Black singles to search by nationality, ethnicity, […]