#MeToo founder Tarana Burke claims Hollywood hijacked movement

The #MeToo movement has been “distorted” by Hollywood, according to its founder Tarana Burke. The activist explained how the movement had been founded in 2006 to empower women from Black communities who had endured sexual assault before developing into a hashtag used in response to accusations of abuse in Hollywood and the rest of the […]

Sheyi Cole explains how he channeled writer ‘Alex Wheatle’ for his latest film

Sheyi Cole

Sheyi Cole embodies the essence of one of Britain’s most impactful writers in the Small Axe film Alex Wheatle. In the title role, Cole gives life to the hardships and maturation of Wheatle, a product of England’s foster care system. After years of mistreatment Wheatle finally finds acceptance in the West Indian community of London. […]

Kenyah Sandy stars in ‘Education,’ a look at England’s biased school practices

Kenyah Sandy of Small Axe Education

Kenyah Sandy performs beyond his years in Director Steve McQueen‘s film, Education. An indictment on the biased British education system in the 1970s, the film shows how Black students were relegated to substandard schools. Sandy leads the cast as Kingsley Smith, a struggling student removed from traditional school at the slightest sign of difficulty. Speaking […]