The DangerFeel Newbies look to history for new album

What was the inspiration for the project? Well, in this case, the inspiration for this project came from a real-life person. Dangerfield Newby was a member of the John Brown party of 1859 and he was fighting to free his wife, Harriet, and their children. Unfortunately, he was one of the first to die in […]

Turntable Tuesdays: DJ Lee Farmer

Lee Farmer was a DJ before he ever saw a set of turntables. He and his younger brother would sneak into their father’s jazz collection and listen to records for hours. As they got older, they were able to purchase a mismatched set of broken down turntables and taught each other how to mix. By the time […]

Turntable Tuesdays: DJ Moonbaby

Angela Jollivette, aka DJ Moonbaby, is a sought-after DJ, lifestyle consultant and music supervisor. As the owner of Moonbaby Entertainment, her clients include The Grammys, Sony Music, RCA Records, Microsoft, CBS and Garth Trinidad Sound among others. She is currently honored to hold the position of gospel and visual media (TV/film soundtracks) awards project manager […]

Turntable Tuesdays: DJ Joe Kollege

With more than 15 years of rocking turntables across the country, it’s pretty safe to say that DJ Joe Kollege knows what songs will move the crowd. Here are five of his current favorites. 1. Algebra Blessett – “Nobody But You”: This song has all the elements of a hit record; superb production, great melody […]