Beyoncé floods Instagram with photos of Solange

Beyoncé posts pictures of Solange on Instagram Beyoncé is attempting to quell rumors that she’s at odds with Solange by flooding Instagram with photos of her sibling. As previously reported, Beyoncé’s little sister reportedly downsized her social media account and deleted all but one photo of Beyoncé. Now Beyoncé is doing the complete  opposite and sharing photo upon […]

Solange deletes Beyoncé’s pictures from her Instagram?

Solange deletes Beyoncé’s pictures? Did Solange delete nearly every picture of her sister from her Instagram account? That’s the question that’s being asked by fans who noticed that after video of Solange beating up Beyoncé’s husband went viral, several pictures of the siblings seemingly went missing. As previously reported tongues are wagging over the shocking video […]

Solange Knowles attacks Jay Z: Full fight

Solange Knowles attacks Jay Z; full fight footage released Extended footage has been released of the Jay Z Solange Knowles fight. As previously reported Beyoncé’s younger sister exploded inside of an elevator and kicked and punched her sister’s husband after the Met Gala. In extended footage obtained by TMZ, the songstress is seen being restrained by […]