Sonia Booker’s ribbon-cutting gala following riot damage to Bio Bio studio

Sonia Booker‘s heart dropped when she surveyed all of the broken windows of her downtown Atlanta business, Bio Bio studio, following the riots on May 31, 2020. The peaceful demonstrations that took place to protest the violent public death of George Floyd later degenerated into vandalism, fires and general chaos. Not long after the 12 […]

Sonia Booker TV launch party

Author and investment guru Sonia Booker, launched Sonia Booker TV at a release party at Atlanta’s Loft at Castleberry Hill. After the networking reception, there was a live taping of a future episode. Not that her sage advice doesn’t apply to men, but Booker has become known as a national leader of the women’s financial empowerment […]

Mayor Evelyn Wynn-Dixon, Kysha Cameron to speak at Women on the MOVE Summit

According to Kim McNair, creator of the Women on the MOVE Summit, there’s a difference between having dreams and making them happen. And, we all need certain tools in order to pursue our goals. Everyone can use some help along the way. That’s why she’s invited leaders in our community, business owners, and entrepreneurs to participate […]

Women investing in real estate and earning huge profits

Tonya Jones is a real estate agent, consultant and investor company with the  Atlanta Metro Properties and Atlanta Women Investing in Real Estate. What are your daily duties? My daily activities include a lot of phone time and a lot of paperwork. I work as a real estate agent and that involves getting homes sold for […]