Jamie Foxx says ‘Black Panther’ made ‘Spawn’ reboot possible

Jamie Foxx has claimed that Black Panther opened the door for a Spawn reboot by increasing diversity in the genre. The Oscar-winning actor is attached to star as Al Simmons, who becomes the demon soldier, in Todd McFarlane’s superhero movie and credits the 2018 Marvel Cinematic Universe flick for increasing diversity in the genre. In […]

Dear White America, no, this isn’t the 1st Black superhero movie

Dear White America, I’m writing this letter because it’s about time that you and I had a serious talk. Now, before I begin, I want to be sure that you have an open mind to what I’m about to say. In the past, whenever one of us (you know, those of us with a darker […]

Best Black Superheros of All Time

To continue with our superhero theme, Rolling out has re-discovered some of America’s best black superheroes (President Obama unfortunately doesn’t count).  A few have been around for ages, but may not be known to newer and younger fans.  Enjoy.

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