Celebrities with herpes, depression and other incurable diseases

According to a recent study, 49 percent of black women are infected with herpes. That  figure includes many in Hollywood who have revealed that they struggle with the disease. Along with the glitz and glamour, also comes the reality that celebrities, like the rest of us, are only human, and live with chronic illnesses such […]

Celebrity Women With Genital Herpes

Hollywood and Herpes Herpes rumors are swirling around Hollywood. Anne Heche revealed details in her autobiography of her tragic childhood where she was raped by her homosexual dad from infancy to age 12, and contracted the herpes simplex virus when she was a tender 8-year-old. She’s faced with the memory daily because herpes is incurable […]

Common STDs in Women

What’s more ubiquitous? STDs in women or Christian Louboutin stilettos? A man may want a mate who’s a good cook or has long leg or doesn’t have children, but does he ever think about adding “no STDs” to his wish list of preferred attributes? Men all around the world are hypnotized by young, beautiful, promiscuous women who show […]