Oprah Winfrey joins forces with Apple to launch new book club podcast

TV icon Oprah Winfrey is launching her own podcast series with Apple. The 66-year-old TV star has joined forces with the tech giant to create “Oprah’s Book Club,” an eight-part podcast series that will focus on Isabel Wilkerson’s Caste: The Origins of Our Discontents, which looks at hierarchical systems within America. Apple plans to release […]

Why Oprah and Stedman quarantined separately

Oprah Winfrey’s partner has moved into their guesthouse. The 66-year-old media mogul asked Stedman Graham not to stay with her in their main house as a precautionary measure because she is still not fully recovered from pneumonia so doesn’t want to risk catching COVID-19, especially because her long-term companion has been traveling recently. She revealed on […]

Oprah Winfrey shares why she and Stedman didn’t get married

Oprah Winfrey doesn’t think she and Stedman Graham would still be together if they had been married. The two have been together since 1968 and she’s thankful her partner has always allowed her to “be who [she] needs to be.” Winfrey explained that their relationship would have changed if they had made their union official […]

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