How Hakika Wise stretched her last $500 to build a successful business

Hakika Wise is an entrepreneur and the founder and CEO of Kika Stretch Studios, a business she started with her last $500 and a desire to help people improve their physical health and well-being. Wise, who has a bachelor’s degree in dance from Montclair State University, worked professionally as an actor, a trainer and a […]

5 morning habits that can change your entire day

fitness african american woman

Does it seem as though your days are not as productive as they should be? Do you feel that you could be missing out on something? Waking up and jumping into the flow of things may not give your body the time to catch up. It definitely does not give you the time to appreciate […]

Fit Fridays with Rosalyn R. Ross: Is stretching ruining your workout?

I see it happening way more often than I would like — on the court before basketball games, at the starting line of a 5K and over in the dimly lit corner of the gym by the treadmills. Everywhere I turn in any place or space designated for physical activity I see people purporting to stretch, folding […]

Fitness plan: Best stretches after a workout

Stretching is just as important as your workout routine. Stretching will help lessen your chances of becoming sore after repeated repetitions and serve as a perfect cool down after a strenuous workout. Click here to see which stretches are best after a challenging workout.

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