Lashawn B Designs’ maxi dress collection is perfect for summer

Rolling out interviewed Lashawn Burnett of Lashawn B Designs about her new maxi dress collection, created for the confident, savvy and bold woman. What is unique about your new fashion collection? Lashawn B Designs’ maxi dresses are bold and eye-catching with a sexy halter and attached shawl. The shawl is detachable and versatile [enough] to […]

10 New York Runway Summer Styles for Heat Wave 2012

What do you need in your closet this summer? Take a look at these ten trends from the New York runway that are easily incorporated into any wardrobe. The one word for earrings this season is BIG! Hoops, chandeliers, bohemian styles and feathers  – they all need to be big and bold like the earrings […]

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