Innovative women of color in technology discuss entrepreneurship

Launching a business in the tech industry can be tricky for new entrepreneurs. Learning how to invest in a business and finding and managing people are also strenuous tasks. However, people of color are beating the odds of launching their own businesses in technology. Monique Woodard, co-founder of Black Founders, is contributing to the increase […]

Influential women share their superpowers at Blavity’s Summit 21

June 8-9, the Atlanta Convention Center was packed with young professionals and notable women from various industries who united to celebrate changes in habits and creating a new lifestyle. These phenomenal women of color included Brittany Packnett, Natasha Murphy, and Ashley Blaine Featherson. They discussed their superpowers and purpose in life while at Summit 21 […]

Stephanie Scott discusses beauty branding at Summit 21

Branding is the key for companies to sell their products to their target audience successfully. However, being able to tell the story of a product to clientele can be tricky, but First and Last PR prides itself on commitments of great branding strategies and customer service to its clients. CEO and communicator-in-chief of the company, […]