Producer, manager BiggVon on business of music and producing for Ice Cube

BiggVon is the owner of a Grammy Award-winning production company, super producer, manager and the CEO of We Got Hits Productions. His name, BiggVon, perfectly describes his statuesque build, as he stands 6-foot-6 and commands attention in every room he enters. BiggVon has been producing hits for close to two decades and has worked with […]

Win $15K and a chance to work with a mentor, Craft Syndicate’s DJ Don Cannon

“Fresh beats, dope music and years of grinding is how Cannon Music was born,” says master producer Don Cannon. “That’s why I joined Craft Syndicate, a collection of entrepreneurs looking to celebrate the newest creators from the fashion, music, art and film industries.” DJ Don Cannon and Craft Syndicate are offering a game-changing partnership and […]