Blueface arrested during Super Bowl weekend

Rap star Blueface was arrested during Super Bowl weekend in metro Los Angeles on a number of charges. The emcee, who was born Johnathan Jamall Porter in L.A. 25 years ago, was stopped by members of the Los Angeles Police Department in the middle of the night when they noticed that the tags on the […]

This artist begged Cardi B to rap on his track

Adam Levine “begged” Cardi B to be a featured artist on “Girls Like You.” The Maroon 5 frontman claimed he was desperate for the 25-year-old rapper to take part in the band’s 2017 hit single and says he didn’t give her much guidance on what to put in her featured verse because he “knew she was going to murder” […]

KevOnStage Super Bowl tips

In honor of @McDonalds #123DollarMenu, I’m giving you three valuable tips to assist with everyday situations. If you know anything about me, you know that I’m a huge sports fan. That’s why it was only right for me to share, “3 Tips for Watching the Super Bowl with non-sports fans.” After watching, if you have […]

Bogart’s Doughnuts the best doughnuts in Minneapolis

Bogart’s Doughnuts represents the best doughnut shop in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Bogart’s phenomenal recipe for success is based on the sensual idea of what a doughnut is: a delectable, mouthwatering delight made with an airy, pillowy raised dough, impeccably dressed up in a confectionery glaze or sprinkle, and perhaps filled with a scrumptious taste of heaven […]

Cam Newton is just like 5 of your favorite rappers

Super Bowl 50 is officially upon us. This is officially [and unofficially] the biggest holiday of the year in America. Hot wings, nachos and beer are plentiful. This Super Bowl is special for a few reasons. This event has been held 50 times and we are watching a veteran quarterback, Peyton Manning, in the twilight of his […]

Lil Wayne’s Super Bowl commercial causes controversy

[jwplatform D8Fo9HP4] Will someone please give rapper Lil Wayne a good Black history lesson? He’s back in the news for his upcoming Super Bowl commercial, which features Lil Wayne hanging out and cooking for America’s first president, George Washington, on a BBQ grill. This is spoof of the performance of Sherman Hensley and Isabelle Sanford […]

Daymain Smith, Comfort Suites General Manager Is Taking Hospitality To New Heights

Atlanta is a beautiful city filled with culture, attractions, and historical landmarks. The city’s growth over the last thirty years is beyond what many would have imagined; hosting every high profile event from the Super Bowl, to the Democratic National Convention to the Olympics. Downtown Atlanta continues its growth in the business sector and beyond, […]