‘Swagger’ stars share their proudest show moments

Swagger Cast and Crew

“Swagger” stars share their proudest character moments at the red carpet premiere. Inspired by NBA star Kevin Durant, “Swagger” explores ambition and opportunism, and corruption in youth basketball. Ahead of the series premiere, rolling out spoke with the show’s cast and crew at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. “Swagger” premieres October 29 on Apple TV+. […]

Why Cam Newton is unacceptable to the mainstream 

For many football fans, the sport is the epitome of unspoken ideals and values like athletic superiority, sportsmanship and prejudices that are now being challenged by Cam Newton. On the field, Newton has achieved unparalleled success but it is his off-field behavior that has many mainstream media outlets portraying him in an unflattering light. It’s all a […]

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