K2 crisis hits Yale as more than 80 overdose on synthetic pot

A small park near Yale University was the scene of a mass overdose according to police in New Haven, Connecticut. Police reported that at least 76 people were hospitalized as suspected overdose victims on Wednesday while another 17 were reported ill on Thursday. All the victims reported smoking synthetic marijuana, known on the streets as K2. […]

Dozens OD on synthetic pot at same time on NYC street

The synthetic marijuana drug K2 is back in the news after a mass overdose on a New York City street early Tuesday morning. Police and first responders replied to calls of victims passing out and unresponsive after allegedly ingesting the drug sold at a nearby Big Boy Deli. According to one media outlet, the store […]

Sources confirm which drug landed the NFL’s Chandler Jones in the hospital

Chandler Jones

After some initial conflicting reports, it’s been confirmed that New England Patriots Defensive Lineman Chandler Jones had been using synthetic marijuana prior to walking into the Foxboro Police Station and exhibiting unusual behavior this past Sunday. Jones was taken to a nearby hospital and went through a number of tests for what was originally thought […]

Warning to Kids: 14-Year-Old Dead From Smoking Synthetic Weed

Kids who haven’t tried marijuana are likely to be faced with the decision to smoke it at some point along their tween journey. Tonya Rice’s son, Brandon, was recently faced with the decision — to smoke synthetic marijuana — and he did not survive the experience. The eighth grader became ill after smoking the substance […]

Naval Cadets Expelled Over Synthetic Marijuana Use

Desperate for a temporary reprieve from the mind-twisting rigors of military officer’s training, a growing number of cadets are getting high on a synthetic form of marijuana at the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Md.. Many claim they partake in it because synthetic marijuana cannot be detected in routine drug tests, according to several former […]