Black judge reveals why she hugged murderer Amber Guyger (video)

It was a hug not only seen around the world, but it also made a deafening noise to a multitude of the murdered man’s supporters and outraged legal experts. When Texas State Judicial Judge Tammy Kemp embraced convicted murderer and admitted racist Amber Guyger, she sparked an inferno of emotions among many observers who believe […]

Judge Tammy Kemp may have violated Constitution by giving Amber Guyger a Bible

Judge Tammy Kemp continues to face backlash for her actions following the Amber Guyger murder case. Kemp may have violated the U.S. Constitution by giving Guyger a Bible. After sentencing Guyger to 10 years in prison for the brutal murder of Botham Jean, Kemp hugged Guyger and presented her with a Bible. The Freedom of […]

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