Tavis Smiley making his return after PBS firing

Tavis Smiley is making his return to the media circuit on June 19, 2021, with the launch of his new radio station, KBLA 1580 Los Angeles. Smiley recently purchased the station, which has been reformatted and will offer a Black and progressive perspective on the city and nation. The station is being marketed as the […]

Tavis Smiley leads sexual harassment panel

In the category entitled, “what, really?” disgraced former PBS host Tavis Smiley, who was fired for chronic sexual harassment and assault, is planning to moderate a town hall tonight in Los Angeles. The topic Smiley is moderating? Sexual harassment in the workplace, the Chicago Sun-Times reports. After you pick up your jaw off the ground, Smiley […]

Tavis Smiley blasts PBS for ‘sloppy’ suspension, loses Walmart and book deals

Tavis Smiley continues to face issues following the accusations made against him by several  employees. After being suspended by PBS, Smiley has also lost his deal with Walmart and his book publisher has put his projects on hold. According to Associated Press, Walmart was a sponsor of Smiley’s talk show and a tour that he […]

Tavis Smiley suspended from PBS amid ‘credible’ accusations of misconduct

Multiple female subordinates felt forced to carry on sexual relationships with Tavis Smiley with the firm belief that their continued employment status was inextricably intertwined with sex. This was just part of the virulent work environment that Smiley created and led to his show being dropped from PBS, the network announced.  On Wednesday Dec. 13, […]

Vlogger confronts Tavis Smiley about $600 fee for youth charity

Vlogger Jeff 4 Justice asks Tavis Smiley about this eponymous foundation’s $600 program fee. The Tavis Smiley Foundation Leadership Institute fee covers all meals, campus housing and program materials but there are no scholarships available. [jwplatform gImytSTQ]

Tavis Smiley fears Black people could become slaves again

Noted journalist and TV host Tavis Smiley recently wrote about a fear he developed following a question a student posed at a recent event. The student asked Smiley, “Mr. Smiley, do you believe that given the crisis state of our democracy, we Black folk could ever find ourselves enslaved again?” Smiley wrote a response to the student and his […]

Tavis Smiley concludes Blacks have ‘lost ground’ with President Obama in office

As President Barack Obama’s final term is wrapping up, his critics are coming out of the woodwork to discuss his high and low points in office. Talk show host Tavis Smiley recently stopped by HuffPost Live to explain why he’s less than pleased with Black America’s economic standing under Obama. “Sadly, and it pains me […]

Tavis Smiley slams ‘Empire’

“Empire” may be a massive ratings hit and one of the biggest sensations in pop culture history, but that doesn’t mean that everybody is a fan of the show. One of the show’s biggest detractors is now TV journalist and political commentator Tavis Smiley, who recently blasted the series for showing the worst of the […]

‘Dancing With The Stars’ season 19 cast revealed!

ABC’s “Dancing With the Stars” is back on Sept. 15, and 13 new celebrity contenders have their eye on the prize. Leading this year’s line-up are “Fresh Prince of Bel Air” actor Alfonso Ribeiro, controversial Olympian Lolo Jones, “Duck Dynasty’s” Sadie Robertson, Back to the Future actress Lea Thompson, Mean Girls heartthrob Jonathan Bennett and TV personality Tavis […]

Black leadership: Soldiers or sellouts?

Editor’s note: The following op-ed has not been edited and the opinions expressed are solely those of the writer. Our people tend to rally behind charismatic leaders, exalting them with our moral and financial support. African-Americans have supported leaders promising to get us to the “Promised Land” but they themselves are usually the only one […]

Samuel L. Jackson criticizes President Obama’s pronunciation skills

When Samuel L. Jackson is in the news talking about language it’s usually about his hilarious overuse of curse words. But this time around Jackson is making headlines for criticizing President Obama’s pronunciation skills and slamming him for “trying to relate” to people with bad grammar. In a candid new interview with Playboy, Jackson spoke about how he feels proper […]

Mayor of Hartford, Conn. blasts Dave Chappelle over his reaction to hecklers

Dave Chappelle had more than a few choice words to say this week about the drunk and belligerent fans who disrupted his recent show in Hartford, Conn., calling them “evil and alcoholics.” However, Chappelle’s blasts were not ignored and the mayor of Hartford recently fired back at Chappelle over his comments and told him to stop whining. The […]

Cornel West, Tavis Smiley: Respect and consequences or political bullies?

There are always bullies in the midst of a movement. Traitors of a cause. The anti-progressive. The misinformed who push to diminish the black voice of justice. Thank you Cornel West. Thank you Tavis Smiley. Thank you to all those who’ve figured out how to climb their way to the top while stepping on others. […]

Funniest Twitter responses to #TavisWeeps for Smiley’s hate of President Obama

Tavis Smiley finally crossed the line in his vicious, visceral and incessant attacks on President Obama, his critics decry, and they clapped back at the longtime PBS television host. After Smiley went in hard on Obama’s remarks about the Trayvon Martin-George Zimmerman debacle, Obama supporters and Smiley critiques decided they had just about enough. They […]

Tavis Smiley slams President Obama’s Trayvon Martin address

This past Friday, President Barack Obama gave a deeply personal address about the George Zimmerman verdict and the death of Trayvon Martin. And although many applauded the president for sharing his thoughts on Martin’s death, TV personality Tavis Smiley recently criticized the president, saying he only gave the address because he felt pressured to. “I appreciate and […]

Famous black TV hosts

The personalities that host television shows usually have distinct mixture of comedic appeal and intellect. They provide the audience with topics that spark dialogue and evoke thought.

President Obama Fires Back at Donald Trump

Celebrity mogul Donald Trump continued his “birther” campaign against President Barack Obama yesterday when he released his “October Surprise” video offering up the president $5 million to release his college records and passport to the media. Well, it didn’t take long for President Obama to get wind of Trump’s offer and he responded last night during […]

Chicago Martin Luther King Day 2012 Events

Check out the events happening in your town.Highland Park’s MLK Service Opportunity: Write Letters to Soldiers and Children of the Military (1207 Park Ave. W) Write letters to soldiers and children of the military. This is an ongoing event. Be Part Of MLK Day of Service 2012 and Donate Coats (1710 N Kostner Ave.) January 1, 2012 – […]

Class of 2011: Year in Review

Story by Michele Fling, Amir Shaw, Terry Shropshire, Zondra Hughes, Christa Jackson and DeWayne Rogers 2011 was a year for the record books. From the global financial meltdown, to the withdrawal of combat troops in Iraq and the deaths of two the world’s most infamous despots, Iraq’s Moammar Gadhafi and North Korea’s Kim Jong Il, […]

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