Black Lives Matter has millions in assets, founder’s family, associates benefit

There has been a strong surge of criticisms of the founders of Black Lives Matter after the nonprofit organization took in over $90 million in donations in 2020.  The new tax filing, which was shared exclusively with The Associated Press amid relentless scrutiny from right-wingers over Patrisse Cullors’ purchase of five multi-million dollar properties and […]

5 Last-Minute Tax Crunch Tips That Won’t Get You Audited

If you’re a last-minute tax filer and the pressure of making the deadline has got you in a tizzy, don’t fret. Here are five tips to get you through this annual headache of figuring and filing your income taxes, consistently and correctly. –yvette caslin Free Tax-Prep Software The Internal Revenue Service’s website allows you to […]

Last-Minute 2011 Tax Tips for Procrastinators

Luckily tax filers, payers and procrastinators receive an extra two days to file taxes beyond the usual April 15 tax filing deadline because April 15 falls on a Sunday in 2012 and April 16 is a District of Columbia-based holiday called Emancipation Day. Nevertheless, the clock is ticking and April 17 will be here before […]

Blacks and Finance: Increasing Your Income Tax Return

It is essential that you have goals in mind and strategies in place to increase your chances of obtaining a refund and reducing your tax bill. The best approach is to develop a game plan going forward to ensure that, for the 2011 tax filing year, you will have thought about how to plan meaningful […]