Rapper Tay-K faces another murder charge after 55-year prison sentence

Rapper Tay-K is facing more prison time after being sentenced to 55 years. The Dallas-based rapper, whose legal name is Taymor McIntyre, could be tried as an adult in the murder of Mark Saldivar, according to Fort Worth Star-Telegram. Tay-K, 19, is being accused of killing Saldivar in San Antonio in 2017. At the time […]

Rapper Tay-K, 19, to serve 55 years in prison for robbery that led to murder

Rapper Tay-K will likely spend the majority of his prime years of life behind bars. The 19-year-old rapper was recently sentenced to 55 years in prison for a home invasion that led to murder. According to The Dallas Morning News, Tay-K, Taymor McIntyre, who was 16 at the time, was involved in a home invasion […]