White quarterback says he doesn’t think it’s his job to mentor Black draft pick

Mentorship is key to success in any field in life. It’s a spiritual and practical theory that humans need other humans to survive and thrive> Whether up close or from afar positive human relationships are critical in all walks of life, especially for young people looking for guidance early in their journeys. But Tennessee Titans […]

NFL game in jeopardy as players and staff contract COVID-19; league responds

An NFL team’s players and staff members tested positive for the novel coronavirus, according to media reports on Tuesday, Sept. 29, 2020. The Tennessee Titans and Minnesota Vikings shut down their facilities indefinitely after three Titans players and five of staff members came down with COVID-19, ESPN reports. The Titans won a last-second thriller against […]

Vince Young calls out ‘garbage’ NFL quarterbacks

Vince Young hasn’t started in an NFL game since 2011. After unsuccessful attempts to make the Buffalo Bills, Cleveland Browns, and Green Bay Packers regular season rosters, Young moved to Canada this year to prove that he can still play. He recently suffered a torn hamstring and was released by the CFL team he signed […]

Cam Newton and the history of Black quarterbacks in the Super Bowl

This Super Bowl Sunday will be the 50th anniversary of the big game and all America has its eyes on Cam Newton. The young Carolina Panthers quarterback will join an elite number of Black quarterbacks to serve as a starter. Russell Wilson/Seattle Seahawks Russell Wilson led the Seahawks to victory over the Denver Broncos at […]

5 Black Super Bowl quarterbacks

Super Bowl XLIII is here and everyone is getting their minds right and food prepared for an amazing battle between the Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos. Check out a few black quaterbacks who made it to the Super Bowl. –Joi Pearson Above Russell Wilson, Seattle Seahawks

Funniest Twitter responses to Vanilla Ice performing at halftime of NFL game

I know I was not the only one to almost drive headfirst in a tree after discovering that long-ago disgraced rapper Vanilla Ice began trending on Twitter. Either the man had joined Al-Queda or committed an atrocity against humanity, you immediately think to yourself. How else in the name of high-top fades and spandex could […]

7 Ways NFL’s Vince Young Blew $26 Million to Become Broke

Vince Young should have been set for life after signing a $26 million contract as a rookie with the Tennessee Titans in 2006. However, six years later, Young is struggling financially and nearly broke, according to the New York Daily News. Young played for the Philadelphia Eagles last year and was cut by the Buffalo […]