Happy birthday Jordan Davis

Americans were once again filled with mixed emotions following the verdict in the case of Michael Dunn, who was on trial for murdering unarmed teen Jordan Davis, 17, the day after Thanksgiving in November 2012, giving a new meaning to Black Friday. To add insult to injury, the day after Valentine’s Day and on the […]

Which celebs actually cook on Thanksgiving?

Cooking is a huge part of Thanksgiving but when you are a celebrity you don’t necessarily have to cook, right? Well contrary to popular belief we found a few celebs who don’t mind getting down in the kitchen. Check them out. I bet you wouldn’t guess who. –Joi Pearson @joiapearson Above, who knew? Oprah cooks!  Last […]

How celebs spent Thanksgiving last year

Thanksgiving 2013 is here already, time sure does fly. Whether it is with family, friends, working or shopping make sure that you count your blessings and let those that are important in your life know it. I’m sure that we all have a lot to be thankful for … Check out how a few celebrities spent […]

10 ways to discover if you are a side chick during Thanksgiving

The holidays can be trying for those who are in a relationship. While some relationships aren’t at the point  where holidays should be overanalyzed, there are a lot of people who discover the hard way where they truly stand with their significant other. But before you jump to conclusions, have a  conversation to make sure […]

10 images of the best celebrity kitchens

Millions of people will spend the next day preparing the perfect Thanksgiving meal. While the ingredients are most important, cooking in an aesthetically pleasing kitchen can help the day go smoothly. Click continue to view images of the 10 best celebrity kitchens.

Atlanta Thanksgiving meals to go 2012

With Thanksgiving just days away it’s time to start preparing PARISH Thanksgiving To-Go! Chef Edward Russell of PARISH: Foods & Goods will combine fresh, organic ingredients harvested by local farmers to create delicious menu items that capture the essence of Thanksgiving. Parish will be offering an a la carte menu program, price depending on menu […]

Atlanta restaurants open on Thanksgiving Day 2012

Your holidays shouldn’t mean you have to be burned out from cooking and cleaning all day. Dine out with the family at one of Atlanta’s many restaurants preparing Thanksgiving dinner and let them do all the work.

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