Lizzo fans accuse ‘Biggest Loser’ star Jillian Michaels of body-shaming singer

Just days after singer Lizzo shut down Twitter due to the relentless beat downs and body-shaming from users, Jillian Michaels of “The Biggest Loser” fame apparently added to the drama after blasting the singer.  Appearing on Buzzfeed News’ live Twitter feed, the 45-year-old celebrity trainer wondered aloud why people are “glamorizing” Lizzo’s obesity. “You cannot […]

NBC’s ‘The Biggest Loser’ canceled over drug scandal

NBC’s “The Biggest Loser’s” resident doctor, Robert Huizenga, confirmed with the  Daily Mail that the reality show has been canceled after 17 seasons. Former contestant Joelle Gwynn, who appeared on the show in 2008, is being sued by Huizenga. She made claims the show’s trainer Bob Harper supplied contestants illegal diet pills, Ephedra extract pills and […]

‘Biggest Loser’ alum Damien Gurganious dead at 38

“The Biggest Loser’s” Damien Gurganious has tragically died. Gurganious, who competed on the popular reality show during season 7, died just days before the Thanksgiving holiday “after suffering from a sudden onset of a rare autoimmune disorder that caused bleeding in his brain.” E! News reports. He was 38. His wife, Nicole Brewer (pictured above) […]

White celebrities with adopted black children

Florals, shaved heads and adopting black babies? The three topics seem to be unrelated but they are all trends that many celebrities seem are following.  It didn’t start with Angelina and Brad and it doesn’t seem to be ending with them either.

‘The Biggest Loser’ and other reality shows that inspire exercise

Sometimes we all need a little push and with reality television being all that’s on TV these days, why not find some positives in reality programming? Not all reality programs are loaded with drama and backstabbing friendships. There are some that inspire and motivate a number of people to do better and to become a […]

The biggest loser

phenomenal | fe nämenel | adjective 1. very remarkable; extraordinary In 2013 we have a lot to lose — unhealthy relationships, toxicity, stress, and chaos and confusion. While many of us want to lose physical weight, in the New Year what really hinders us from celebrating the peace and love we really want in our […]

Week in TV: What to Watch April 9-13

Spring is in full bloom and the weather is spectacular, but don’t spend too much time outside, because there’s plenty to watch on TV this week. Highlights include the midseason premiere of “Glee” (finally!), the new ABC show “Scandal” and Michelle Obama on “The Biggest Loser.” Monday, April 9 “Dancing with the Stars”: 8 p.m. […]

Commit to Be Fit!

Although reluctant, I decided to join a boot camp in my neighborhood in mid-February, and I must say that it’s an excellent blend of cardio and strength training. The level of difficulty is intense, but so are the results. As warmer weather approaches, look deep within and consider making a commitment to increase and maintain […]