From Pusha T to The Internet, trapsters, hippies and nerds collide at Afropunk

Afropunk festival featured an array of Black youth who used fashion, style, art and music to share their voice and creativity. From “queer chic” to the hard-edged style of street hustlers, all forms of Black expression found a place to call home at Afropunk. The featured musical artists on day two of the festival — […]

GIF album review: The Internet’s ‘Hive Mind’

Coming off of a Grammy nomination for 2015’s breakthrough album Ego Mind, The Internet returns with Hive Mind. Armed with an increased visibility and countless co-signs from major players within the industry, The Internet is intent on showing the world that their success was not a flash in the pan. Let’s dive into Hive Mind to see […]

5 artists to add to your ‘chill’ playlist

Jhenè Aiko’s music gives a certain feeling that’s always fitting for a chill environment. When creating an Aiko-inspired playlist, it’s imperative to find artists who blend with her style to keep the relaxed vibe flowing. Discover these five millennial artists who are the next big thing and are sure to continue the soulful vibes. Sinèad […]

The Internet’s Syd shines confidently on solo album, ‘Fin’

For an album titled Fin, the music on the debut solo album by Syd, frontwoman for Grammy-nominated group The Internet, seems to suggest everything except for an ending. If anything, Fin represents a rejuvenation; the super chill neo-soul album is the type that begs a follow-up effort in a few years, and during those years […]

Long-distance relationships

black woman Skype FaceTime

The Internet has done a lot of positive things for people over the past two-and-a-half decades. One of the biggest things has been expanding a person’s dating pool by at least a thousand times; possibly more. Dating sites geared toward every niche area of dating (race, sexual orientation, age, religion, location, etc.), social networks, and […]