Scottie Pippen blasts Michael Jordan’s ‘disrespect’ from ‘The Last Dance’

NBA Hall of Famer Scottie Pippen confirms in his own words what many sports fans had already surmised: He remains livid at how he was portrayed in Michael Jordan’s record-breaking docu-series “The Last Dance” that aired on ESPN in the summer of 2020. Pippen is still steaming at the fact that Jordan produced a documentary […]

Michael Jordan lied about not keeping Isiah Thomas off Dream Team (audio)

Audio evidence reveals that Michael Jordan deliberately lied when he claimed resolutely that he had nothing to do with keeping fellow legend Isiah Thomas off the iconic Dream Team. Jordan, 57, said on the record-breaking documentary “The Last Dance” that he didn’t have any influence on keeping his mortal enemy Thomas off the 1992 Spain […]

Horace Grant fighting mad; Pippen ‘wounded’ over ‘The Last Dance’ portrayal

It’s no secret Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls of the 90s are one of the most celebrated and greatest teams of all time. In a matter of eight years, two different teams, comprised of completely different rosters, save for Scottie Pippen and Jordan, won six world championships. What remains a mystery, is how close-knit […]

LeBron James dismissed by Michael Jordan fans after ‘The Last Dance’ doc

One of the most remarkable aspects of the record-breaking ESPN documentary “The Last Dance” is that LeBron James would shoot to the top of nationally trending topics, even though the enthralling documentary centered around Michael Jordan. King James, 35, who has been the face of the NBA and its best player for the past decade, […]

Michael Jordan fans are upset the ‘Flu Game’ is now the ‘Food Poisoning Game’

On May 17, ESPN televised the final two episodes of the acclaimed documentary, “The Last Dance.” The 10-part documentary follows Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls during their epic championship runs during the 1990s. One of the stunning revelations in the documentary was the truth behind Jordan’s legendary “Flu Game.” In Game 5 of the […]

Rare heir: How Jasmine Jordan is building on her iconic father’s legacy

Jasmine Jordan understands what it takes to achieve greatness. The daughter of legendary NBA player and owner Michael Jordan, she was raised to put in the focus and hard work to accomplish success. A graduate of Syracuse University where she studied sports management, Jordan now works as a field representative for Nike Jordan Brand. During […]

Shannon Sharpe says he would’ve beat up Michael Jordan for bullying teammates

The ESPN documentary “The Last Dance” continues to reveal the interworkings of the Chicago Bulls dynasty, which ruled the NBA during the 1990s. However, on the episode that premiered on Sunday, May 10, 2020, the film revealed how Michael Jordan would push his teammates with the goal of making them perform better. Jordan led the […]

See who will appear in Michael Jordan’s much-anticipated docuseries (trailer)

The Michael Jordan docuseries trailer hit social media on Tuesday to much fanfare. Titled “The Last Dance,” the 10-episode event will chronicle Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls during the 1997-98 championship season. Using rare, behind-the-scenes footage, fans of the Bull dynasty will receive unprecedented access to one of the greatest professional basketball runs ever. […]