Lizzo wasn’t feeling Eddie Murphy’s ‘fat’ costumes while growing up

Lizzo felt “sad” watching Eddie Murphy wear a fat suit in some of her favorite movies. The 60-year-old actor has worn a fat suit for a number of his comedy characters, including in “The Nutty Professor” and “Norbit” — but Lizzo was left feeling saddened by the situation. The 33-year-old singer told Variety: “It’s funny, because I’m the biggest […]

Eddie Murphy to receive Distinguished Artisan Award

When it comes to playing multiple characters in a movie, Eddie Murphy is undoubtedly one of the best. His versatility was on display in The Nutty Professor and Coming To America, two of his well-known works that are classics. Murphy’s transformation abilities will be honored next month when he receives the Distinguished Artisan Award at […]

Jada Pinkett Smith: The Black Millionaire Blueprint for Success

Is there another woman in Hollywood who enjoys more universal love and admiration than Jada Pinkett Smith? The beautiful starlet, actress, producer, entrepreneur, fashion designer, author, songwriter and singer, Pinkett Smith is the backbone and foundation of a Smith family entertainment dynasty that continues to shatter barriers and carve out spaces in previously uncharted territory. […]

Eddie Murphy: The Black Millionaire’s Blueprint for Success

Two people owned the ’80’s in entertainment: One is obviously the King of Pop, the late Michael Jackson. The other is Edward Regan Murphy of Brooklyn, N.Y. Eddie Murphy is, irrefutably, one of the greatest box-office attractions in the history of the motion picture industry.  His meteoric rise from being a young teen comedian in […]

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