Jesse Jackson fights to end discrimination against Blacks in Silicon Valley

The Rev. Jesse Jackson, civil rights icon and champion of human rights for all, has remained committed in his fight to end discrimination against Black people in the affluent tech stronghold known as Silicon Valley. Recently, the Silicon Valley tech summit stretched from the Hewlett-Packard headquarters in Palo Alto to downtown San Francisco at the […]

Byron Allen launches networks on DirecTV after settling lawsuit

Sometimes all you need is a little litigation to get your point across. As is the case with comedian-turned-media mogul Byron Allen, who recently struck a deal with AT&T and DirecTV just over a year after filing a $10 billion discrimination lawsuit against the two television distributing giants. The lawsuit couldn’t have come at a worse time […]

Jesse Jackson’s Wall Street Project Joins ‘Occupy Hip-Hop New York’

It is a no-brainer that the Rev. Jesse Jackson’s Wall Street Project would align itself with the embryonic “Occupy Hip-Hop New York” movement. Both entities, coupled with the global Occupy Wall Street phenomenon, are fighting against tyranny, inequities and mass corporate corruption that conspire to cripple the marketplace of the United States and other industrialized […]