Dr. Dennis Kimbro’s ‘The Wealth Choice’ is the best summer business book

Dr. Dennis Kimbro is a phenomenal educator and author-writer. From his latest book, The Wealth Choice: Success Secrets of Black Millionaires, to best seller Think and Grow Rich: A Black Choice (with the Napoleon Hill Foundation), he’s given life to those who may not even recognize it. In The Wealth Choice, he highlights the studies of value of casing the very essence of what makes […]

Black intellectual Dennis Kimbro stimulates minds with ‘The Wealth Choice’

Dr. Dennis Kimbro’s best-selling book, Think and Grow Rich: A Black Choice, propelled the financial adviser’s career to a stratosphere that is seldom reached by black authors seeking to educate black readers about financial awareness. Therefore, ssitting beside Kimbro and his stunning wife at the Las Vegas Urban League’s annual Equal Opportunity Day Community Luncheon […]