Kanye West inspires other rappers to wear kilts

Over the past year, Kanye West has not only been pushing the boundaries of music, he’s been pushing the supposed boundaries of gender and fashion as he’s appeared at several performances wearing a black leather Givenchy kilt that many thought to be a skirt. And since a kilt and a skirt are pretty much the […]

Theophilus London Discusses New Music, Style and Origins of His Unique Name

Theophilus London’s music has no limitations. He infuses elements from hip-hop, rock, reggae and R & B to produce one of the most eclectic sounds of his generation. Since his debut mixtape Jam!, London has built a worldwide fan base while catching the eye of corporate sponsors who are looking for him to represent their […]

Usher, Shawty Lo Attend Theophilus London’s Nokia Music Concert

It’s obvious that a new artist is on his way to super stardom when his legendary musical peers are fans of his work. Usher, Shawty Lo and former Three Six Mafia affiliate Gangsta Boo showed the utmost respect to Brooklyn native Theophilus London by attending his free concert in Atlanta. Produced by Nokia to celebrate the […]