Gas station slot machine theft yields surprising amount (video)

In the city of Atlanta, video gambling machines are a frequent sight in poor communities. Customers will spend hours and sometimes large amounts of cash trying to win at these highly regulated machines. Gas station owners make a tidy sum on machines that are sometimes rigged. One customer in Atlanta decided to get back some of that […]

Hero Mississippi boy calls 911 to save Christmas from notorious thief

A 911 call made by Tylon Pittman, 5, caused members of the Bryam, Mississippi, police department to rush to his home to deal with a threat. Tylon is really into the whole spirit of the Christmas season and realized that someone was trying to steal presents and he had to warn the police. According to Officer […]

Update: Liquor thief turns herself in after video goes viral

The woman who was caught on film brazenly stealing liquor has turned herself into police. Sekonie Jones, 37, surrendered herself at the Shreveport City jail late Thursday night, according to KTBS News. Jones was charged with theft and her bond was set at $1K. This is not the first arrest for Jones, according to police […]

Woman steals 18 bottles of liquor in minutes (video)

One woman in Shreveport, Louisiana took shoplifting to an extreme. Police have released surveillance video of a woman in a liquor store casually stealing 18 bottles of liquor. Somehow, she is able to find a hiding place for the various sized bottles of premium booze. Before she leaves the store, she does pay for one […]

Video of man catching wallet thief viewed over 1 million times (NSFW)

Just imagine how angry you would be if you are on your way to work and someone stole your wallet. That’s what happened to one Brooklyn, New York, man, Cee Da-Prophet. a father of two, on his way to work. According to the media outlet New York Daily News, Cee had dropped his wallet on the […]

Prophetess turned profit and stole $160K from hungry kids

A woman calling herself a prophetess instead decided to profit by stealing from hungry children. Police say that self-proclaimed Prophetess Jeanette Jives-Nealy operated the Kingdom Dominion Worldwide Ministries, Inc., and had a food ministry to feed hungry children in her community. As part of the Summer Food Service Program, she received more than $160K in […]

Funeral home staff shocked as woman steals from the dead

Funeral home staff were shocked as surveillance video shows an unidentified Florida woman walk up to the casket of Lois Hicks and steal a ring from her finger. Staff stated that she ripped the skin of the corpse to get the ring valued at only $10. [jwplatform yLgSVe8w]

Family outraged that homeowner shot and killed thieving relative

[jwplatform q527VryU] A Florida homeowner is being blamed for unnecessarily shooting and killing a burglar by the thief’s family. The sister of the deceased, identified as Trevon Jordan, feels the homeowner was wrong for shooting her brother. “You have to understand … how he gonna get his money?” she said.

Pastor shoots burgular who broke into his church

A pastor in Baytown, Texas, carries a Bible and a pistol and apparently knows when to use both. According to a report by KTRK, Pastor Benny Holmes shot a man who broke into the Church of New Beginnings. The incident occurred around 6 a.m. when Holmes was at the church on July 28. He heard […]

Crooked grandmother nabbed at school function

It’s bad enough as a kid dealing with the daily peer pressure and teasing, but when your grandmother  gets busted for stealing in school, it’s going to get worse. During a parent-teacher night at Marley Elementary School, Theresa Sayles, 49, left the group briefly. She ducked into a classroom and stole a teacher’s billfold from […]