Disrespect and cultural theft pays off for ‘Cash me Outside’ girl in 2017

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, America has a problem in rewarding bad behavior. Honoring and respecting your parents is one tenet that has been drilled into the minds of children. But back in 2016, Danielle Bregoli, whose rapper name is Bhad Bhabie, gained national attention with disrespecting her mother on the Dr. Phil show. […]

Sexy Atlanta teacher draws outrage from parents

One Atlanta teacher is catching flack for wearing sexy outfits. Elementary school teacher Patrice “Tricey” Brown teaches fourth grade and her form fitting dress showing off her voluptuous body has some parents claiming she is going too far teaching her fourth grade class. Brown is fully covered but her wide hips and ample assets have […]

How to elevate from THOT to kept woman or mistress

Let’s face it. No girl enjoys being labeled a THOT, but she enjoys the benefits of being a side chick, kept woman, sugar baby or the very happy mistress. You must attend Sugar Baby Summit 2016 if you’re ready for change. Here are highlights from last year. [jwplatform HgdkORkc]

Update: 2 Chainz’s ‘thot’ lawsuit

2 Chainz officially has one less headache to worry about. The “Spend It” rapper is now in the clear after a federal judge in North Carolina dismissed a $5 million dollar lawsuit brought by a woman being called a “thot” in one of his viral videos. The ordeal began in March 2014 when the woman, Christine […]

Is 2 Chainz banned from Las Vegas nightclubs?

It seems 2 Chainz is baffled by his inability to gain access to clubs in Las Vegas. The “No Lie” rapper utilized his Instagram page to voice his frustration about constantly being turned away from clubs in Sin City with no explanation given as to why. He said that it is his hope that taking the […]

Introducing the THOT personal item holder (NSFW)

[jwplatform eSOkRorh] One woman shows her amazing ability to survive without a purse or tote bag for that matter. Many woman use her unique hiding place for keys, cellphones, but very few woman have as much space as she does. Introducing the THOT personal item holder.

What’s a THOT? Funniest memes on Instagram

Have you been hearing the word THOT too much lately? Do you think you maybe a THOT? According to Instagram, there are a few things that many girls do that may be deemed thotty. There are memes that suggest that all THOTS dress the same, eat the same type of food, and even have their […]

THOT or not? Chicago births new street slang

No, it isn’t a typo. Chicago is certainly leading the way when it comes to popular culture lingo. Loosely defined as an attention-seeker, the acronym T.H.O.T. simply means, “that h– out there,” as coined by Chi-based female rapper, Katie Got Bandz. And boy have Millennials gotten creative with this term. It’s well known that once […]