Tika Sumpter reveals why she kept her pregnancy a secret

Tika Sumpter, 36, is expecting her first child in early October. In fact, the actress shocked both friends and fans when she debuted a growing baby bump at a Southside With You film junket, just last month. But, according to Sumpter, there was good reason for keeping her pregnancy a secret until her third trimester […]

Tika Sumpter pregnant with 1st child

Tika Sumpter is pregnant. On Friday, Aug. 12, the actress was spotted sporting a visible baby bump at the Southside With You press conference in Los Angeles. “Preggers and promoting w Legend. Happy and proud. #Southsidewithyou #Aug26th,” the 36-year-old wrote alongside a selfie featuring her upcoming rom com’s executive producer, John Legend. Meanwhile, an insider close […]