Tasha Turner challenges the tobacco industry through awareness poem

Tasha “Sixfootah ThePoet” Turner is a Bay Area native and poet who commands the attention of audiences with her stature and moves spirits with her insightful poetry. Inspired by the iconic Maya Angelou, Turner uses her flow to address uncomfortable topics, like the dangers of menthol and tobacco. We spoke with Turner about an open […]

FDA set to ban menthol cigarettes, flavored cigars and vape juice

If you are a smoker and enjoy menthol cigarettes, Black and Mild flavored cigars or even flavored vape juices, your smokes may soon be out of reach. Dr. Scott Gottlieb, director of the FDA, issued an announcement that calls for the restriction and ultimate ban of these products out of increased health concerns. According to […]

Top 10 addictive drugs

As humans, we are pretty much creatures of habit from the get-go, but introduce something that is inherently addictive, and we pretty much go all out. Because of our addictive personalities, it’s not hard for us to get hooked on a variety of things in the course of our lives; many of us get addicted […]

Congress introduces bill to regulate and tax marijuana like alcohol

It appears as if the writing is on the wall to once again legalize marijuana on the federal level. The Marijuana Tax Act was passed in 1937 and made the possession of cannabis illegal after it had been legal since the founding of America.  Like the Volstead Act or as it was called, the National Prohibition Act of […]