‘Power’ season 6 trailer reveals clues to Ghost’s end (video)

Power Season 6

Starz has released the trailer for the sixth and final season of “Power,” and all eyes are on Ghost. The two-minute trailer provides a snapshot of the fractured relationships and bad decisions that have played out over five seasons. Everyone has had beef with the power-wielding lead character, Ghost, but Mr. St. Patrick finds a […]

Cardi B accused of stealing ‘Bartier Cardi’ from this artist

The runaway rap artist of the year, Cardi B, and her meteoric rise in the music game has not come without running across some mid-air turbulence. Now the Cardi B machine has run into a crater sized-hole that may threaten to swallow up the international good will she has accrued since this summer’s blockbuster hit […]

Joseph Sikora from ‘Power’ talks Ghost and WGN’s ‘Underground’

This season of “Power” has us anxious. With Ghost on lockdown, Tommy is holding it down and expanding his role. Rolling out spoke with Joseph Sikora (Tommy) during a private event in Detroit sponsored by AT&T this past weekend. Joined by Rotimi Akinosho (Dre) and J.R. Ramirez (Julio), Sikora also participated in a panel discussion, and a […]

The stars of ‘Power’ attend private screening in Chicago

Starz’s hit series “Power” will officially launch the fourth season in late June. A few fortunate fans, tastemakers and press gathered in Chicago at the Showplace Icon Theatre to get an early peek at the premiere. “Dre” (Rotimi), “Julio” (J.R. Ramirez) and “Tommy” (Joseph Sikora) were on the scene greeting fans of the show and […]

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