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50 Cent reveals his regrets about G-Unit

50 Cent explained how G-Unit was able to get back on the same page and revealed that he would build his brand differently if he could do it all over again.

G-Unit: ‘Nah I’m Talking Bout’

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50 Cent calls Tony Yayo and Lloyd Banks ‘hype men’ for Troy Ave

50 Cent seems to get satisfaction from putting down his former G-Unit compadres and childhood friends Tony Yayo and Lloyd Banks. 50 has made it clear that he no longer is close to his old buddies, and in a recent interview with MTV, he casually mocked their recent appearances on singles by Troy Ave., one of New York City’s most promising young rappers. Yayo guested on “Show Me Love” and Banks made an appearance on “Your Style.”

50 Cent admits he was ‘insensitive’ when Lloyd Banks’ dad died

Rapper/entrepreneur 50 Cent opened up about his estrangement from two of his oldest friends, and how his attitude contributed to the estrangement. The deterioration of the relationship between G-Unit–specifically, the core trio of childhood friends 50, Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo, has made for several hip-hop headlines over the past year. Yayo has been open about the fact that 50 isn’t very close to his former co-horts, and 50 revealed recently that he mis-handled a situation with Lloyd Banks, in particular, when his friend lost his father.

The fall of G-Unit indicates the decline of ‘gangsta rap’

This week, after months and maybe years of speculation, the end of 50 Cent’s G-Unit crew appears to be official. The hip-hop star departed his longtime Interscope label, taking his G-Unit label independent. He signed a worldwide distribution agreement with Caroline/Capitol/UMG, and he is expected to release a new album called Animal Ambition on June 3rd. But in the wake of his announced departure from Interscope, 50’s old G-Unit cohort Tony Yayo made statements in an interview that indicated that G-Unit was long over as a hip-hop group and, most importantly, as a collective of old friends.

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