Sylvia Bolling, Executive Director and Founder of Aldine Y.O.U.T.H. Inc.

At 16 years old, Sylvia Bolling worked a summer job with children of migrant farmers in New Jersey. That experience changed her life. “[It] sparked a passion in me for caring for and making a difference in the lives of youth who lived a life of poverty,” she states. Today, Bolling is the executive director […]

Monica Williams, Ph.D., Chief Administrative Officer of HoustonWorks USA

Dr. Monica Williams is chief administrative officer of HoustonWorks USA. A seasoned administrator in human resources, nonprofit management and academia, Williams is an accomplished fundraiser who is often tapped for public speaking and to head fundraising efforts. In fact, she has a stellar track record and has generated more than $100 million in support for […]

Minerva Pérez, Executive Producer and Host of Latina Voices LLC

Minerva Pérez is the executive producer and host of Latina Voices LLC,  as well as the CEO and president of Minerva Perez Media LLC. Pérez exploded onto the media stage and her career took off with a bang, after experiencing her “Aha” moment. “[It was] when I won a communications scholarship from a local TV […]

Jené L. Guess-Cash, CEO of the Guess Group Inc.

Jené L. Guess-Cash is the CEO of the Guess Group Inc., a real estate services company. Guess-Cash is clear on the attributes of a successful, powerful woman: “A powerful woman has a strong sense of self, and acknowledges those who came before her, who helped pave the way for her success,” she states. ”A powerful […]

Katy Caldwell, Executive Director of the Legacy Community Health Services Inc.

Katy Caldwell is executive director of the Legacy Community Health Services Inc. Caldwell has been with the company for fourteen years, and says that improving the lives of her patients motivates her each day. “Every night I go home knowing that the lives of our patients are better because of the work we do at […]

Hazel K. Smith, Owner of H.K. Smith Management

Hazel K. Smith is the owner of H.K. Smith Management Inc. dba McDonald’s. Smith is molded in the corporate responsibility that the McDonald’s franchise represents. “How can you not want to be a part of molding the young adults of tomorrow?” she asks rhetorically. “They need all the positive influence that they can get and […]

Dr. Sabrina Echols, Founder, Butterfly Wellness

Family physician Dr. Sabrina Echols wears several hats: she is the founder of Butterfly Wellness; medical director of Busy Bee; director of a sales team for Mary Kay Cosmetics; and a motivational speaker. The child of teenage parents, Echols sought guidance from her spiritual mentor, her 80-year-old grandmother. “She told me only way out of […]

Donette Walker, Managing Director, Houston Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

Donette Walker is the managing director of the Houston Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, a role that gives her the opportunity to connect people. Walker says she is humbled by the Female Success Factor honor and recognition, and that faith and family motivate her to excel. “My faith in God; my love for my family and […]

Dell Trahan, President, T&K’s Mobile Detailing & Pressure Washing Inc.

Dell Trahan’s former boss told her that although she had been performing a job for eight months, she was “too ambitious” to be hired full-time for that position. “He stated that he needed someone that would just come to work every day and just support him and his four colleagues,” Trahan recalls. Today Trahan is […]

Debbie Ludwig, Vice President, Comerica Bank

Debbie Ludwig, vice president of Comerica Bank, says the three attributes of a successful woman are: Enjoy your work; balance your work and home life; and to ask for help when you need to. Most important, Ludwig says success comes to those who work hard for it, no matter your gender. “Having grown up in […]

Deanna Prothro, President, The Root of You LLC

Deanna Prothro, president of The Root of You LLC, thanks her mentor for setting her on the path to entrepreneurship when she was in her mid-20s, and helping her make her mark at a top consulting firm. “As I was climbing the corporate latter in a top consulting firm … one evening I was in […]

Amanda Timm, Executive Director, Local Initiatives Support Corporation

Amanda Timm is the executive director of the Local Initiatives Support Corporation, the nation’s largest community development support organization. Timm discovered her passion in graduate school. “When I discovered community development in graduate school — the lightbulb went on — this was the work I was supposed to be doing,” she says. “I had no […]

Crystal Washington, Marketing Strategist and International Speaker for CWM Enterprises

Crystal Washington is a marketing strategist and international speaker for CWM Enterprises, the Black-Market Exchange. In her former life as a revenue manager for a large hotel chain, Washington says that although she was promoted rapidly and earned a great salary, the downside was everything else. “I worked in a toxic environment where racism, sexual […]

Catherine Flowers, Director of the Department of Neighborhoods, City of Houston

Catherine Flowers is the director of the Department of Neighborhoods for the city of Houston. Three keys to success, Flowers says, are influence, wisdom and faith. As for faith, “Daily I am expecting great things from God in order to do great things for God,” Flowers says. “In my prayers, I pray for influence and […]

Arvia Few, Community Volunteer and Philanthropist

Community volunteer and philanthropist Arvia Few says that she left corporate America to pursue what some would describe as a noble quest. “After having my first child and trading my successful career in corporate America for a higher calling, motherhood, I realized I could channel my talent towards impacting the community,” Few states. “My initial […]

Andrea Rénee Logans, President and CEO of Access Data Supply Inc.

Andrea Rénee Logans, president and CEO of Access Data Supply Inc., is now celebrating 21 successful years in business. Logans envisioned where she is today two decades ago. “I knew the first day, Oct.15, 1990, that this was what I really wanted to do and I had been preparing for it all my life,” Logans […]

The Steed Society Gives Back Through Mentoring Program at Jack Yates

The Steed Society, Inc., is a 501c3 organization with a mission to empower the community through motivational, educational and cultural initiatives. More specifically, it works to empower women and youth through various programs such as Female Success Factor business seminars, the Top 25 Women of Houston, Seeding Minds children’s literacy program and the Junior Youth […]