GoodGirlPR CEO Nickie Robinson curates virtual art exhibit inspired by racism

Creative Black minds have always introduced (and perfected) content that others either mimic or abuse for their own benefit. From music to sports, food and even spirits (Egyptians first documented the brewing process… look it up), Black folks are easily the most influential people on the planet and art is no different. The monthlong exhibit […]

Top 5 black colleges that are state schools

Virginia State University Petersburg, Va. Year Founded: 1882 The school was the first fully state-supported four-year institution of higher learning for African Americans in the United States. Norfolk State University grew out of Virginia State University, which accepted its first Ph.D. students in 2003. The major institutes within the school include the Reginald F. […]

Best Beyoncé Music Video Remakes Ever

It is safe to say that Beyonce has inspired young people all over the world to express their creative sides through art.  With adoration for our generations greatest performer, Beyonce fans have covered nearly every one of her songs and performances and posted them on the most popular video sharing site, YouTube. One fan in […]

10 Black Lesbian Movie Scenes

Times have definitely changed. What once was taboo and a rare occasion in film have now become the norm on television and real life. Madonna, Nicki Minaj, Brittany Spears, Rihanna — all of our favorite pop stars are kissing girls — and they like it! Check out 10 black lesbian movie scenes and tell us which is […]

Beyonce, Jennifer Hudson, Rihanna Top the List of Black Female Singers of 2011

Singers like Beyonce Knowles and Rihanna have kept our attention with flashy costumes, fabricated controversy, and technical dance moves, but at the end of the day, talent reigns king.  A few ladies took our breath away and had people all over the world using showers as their stage. Check out the Top Black Female Singers […]

Mary Benton, TV news reporter, KPRC Channel 2

Mary Benton is a TV news reporter with KPRC Channel 2 in Houston. “It was my calling to be a journalist,” Benton says of her career choice. “I remember being fascinated while reading and watching stories of people living in my community and around the world. I just knew that I wanted to have the […]