3 charged with allegedly beating and strangling officer during traffic stop

Two women and a man in Illinois are facing felony charges after allegedly beating and strangling a police officer who pulled them over for a traffic stop. just outside of Chicago. The Aurora Police Department announced Tuesday, June 22, that 28-year-old Paul Sherrod, 24-year-old Jennifer Taylor, and 26-year-old Sheba Taylor have been charged with aggravated […]

Police apologize for detaining Black man for looking at White woman

In yet another controversial action by law enforcement, a Black man was detained by multiple police officers for looking at a White woman in suburban Detroit. Police officers in Royal Oak, Michigan, are in hot water after several responding to a restaurant after a White woman called 911 to report a Black man was looking […]

City pays $60K to Black man arrested over air freshener in car (video)

A man in Bakersfield, California knew his rights and now the city has been forced to pay him because of it. Robert Mitchell, 25, and three other friends were pulled over because cops saw an air freshener hanging from the rearview mirror. Even though Mitchell was not driving the vehicle, he was the only one […]

Angry cop threatens Black driver with a K9 attack during traffic stop (video)

Another case of a cop acting badly caught on film has led to a lawsuit. Atlantic City, New Jersey, police officer Andrew Jaques is the subject of a suit brought by two men over a traffic stop. The men claimed they were racially profiled and when one of them started filming the encounter with their cellphone, […]

Never before seen video of Sandra Bland arrest emerges 4 years later

It was almost 4-years-ago that Sandra Bland was found hanging in her jail cell in a highly disputed suicide. Her death sparked a movement and the hashtag “Say Her Name.” Now the Bland family is shocked to learn that cell phone video was recorded by Bland during her traffic stop by Texas State Trooper Brian […]

Black man who requested a cop’s file is later beaten by police (video)

When Aaron Fletcher went to the Sugar Creek, Missouri City Hall on Monday, April 8, 2019, he had no idea the end result would be a beating from cops. Fletcher had reportedly gone there to request access to the personnel file of an officer in the Sugar Creek Police Department. When he left city hall, […]

Cops perform shocking anal search of Black man on busy street

Recently released video footage of White Aiken, South Carolina police officers conducting an anal search on an innocent Black man on a busy street is causing outrage. Police stopped a car containing Lakeye Hicks and her passenger Elijah Pontoon. The initial reason for the stop was that the car was newly purchased and had unexpired […]

Outrage over anal search of Black man on busy street

[jwplatform zd3Lb7f0] Recently released video footage of White Aiken, South Carolina police officers conducting an anal search on an innocent Black man on a busy street is causing outrage. Aiken Police Officer Chris Medlin and other officers engage in an unwarranted traffic stop and humiliate Elijah Pontoon.

Cop who arrested Sandra Bland formally fired after indictment

The tragic in custody death of Sandra Bland is once again in the news. The arresting officer, Brian Encinia, has now been formally terminated from his job with the Texas Department of Public Safety. In a widely seen video, Encinia is seen arguing with Bland and violently slamming her to the ground during a traffic […]

Sam DuBose update: Praise for the swift action of the Cincinnati prosecutor

Now that the body camera video of former police officer Ray Tensing killing unarmed Black man Sam Dubose has been released, many are hailing the swift action of prosecutor Joe Deters. Deters’ efforts were able to bring an indictment of murder for Ray Tensing by the grand jury. “It was so unnecessary for this to […]

Video shows police abusing teens during traffic stop

[jwplatform 9DjFR2mx] A video was recently released of a disturbing traffic stop in Virginia Beach, Virginia. The arrest occurred in April and the video is making the rounds through social media because of the recent attention of police actions during traffic stops since the death of Sandra Bland in Texas.

Sandra Bland update: Prosecutor has history of racial bias

The controversy over the death of social and civil rights activist Sandra Bland in Texas is still building. News outlet the DailyKos is reporting that Waller County Prosecutor Elton Mathis has a history of threatening comments that border on racial bias. Last year Mathis sent a series of texts to a local Black pastor, the Rev. […]

Texas trooper lied about Sandra Bland arrest to supervisor

[jwplatform xZPQuJYR] It’s a very good thing that there was video of the traffic stop and arrest of Sandra Bland. If not, Texas State Trooper Brian Encinia’s phone call to his supervisor would hold enormous weight. The conversation proves that Encinia lied about why he arrested Bland.

Hundreds of mourners attend Sandra Bland funeral

Hundreds of mourners passed by the open casket of civil rights activist Sandra Bland this past Saturday at her funeral. Her body was dressed in a white suit and roses were placed on top of her. The crowd was emotional and unequivocal in its grief and call for justice and an investigation into her death. […]

Jermaine Dupri complains about traffic stop, says he was profiled

So So Def Recordings founder Jermaine Dupri was detained by police after what was supposed to be a routine traffic stop. According to TMZ, the traffic stop in Miami Beach, Florida led to police searching a vehicle with their K-9 unit. Dupri was a passenger in the vehicle.