11 states suing President Obama over transgender rights

President Obama has spent much of his second term working on pushing pro-LGBT legislation and most recently his administration has turned its attention to transgender rights in regard to the infamous bathroom access laws. And now it seems that Obama’s efforts have caused too much of a stir among some states because 11 of them are […]

‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ stars post message about trans bathroom laws

Celebs across the nation have been weighing in and speaking out for weeks about North Carolina’s new anti-LGBT bill, which prohibits trans people from using the bathroom of their choosing. And while most of those celebs have been only been allies, real LGBT stars and activists from “RuPaul’s Drag Race” recently weighed in on the […]

Transgender community scores major legal protections

The transgender equality movement has not only been about representation in the media and the arts, it’s also been about creating equal laws in our legal system for the transgender communities, which have been tragically underserved and disregarded by the law. However, the trans community scored a major win for equality this week when it […]

Obama to sign federal order protecting transgender employees

Last month, President Obama set out on a large scale plan to bring about stronger federal laws to protect the LGBT community. Now, Obama is continuing his plans and recently announced that he will sign an executive order to ban workplace discrimination against federal employees based on their gender identity. According to the Huffington Post, the […]

Transgender girl wins right to use girls’ bathroom in school

Over the last several months, the gay rights movement has won legal  and electoral victories as more states have legalized same-sex marriages and several celebrities have come out of the closet. But while most of the gay rights progress has been focused on the gay segment of the LGBT community, the transgender segment scored a […]

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