Travel blogger Tanyka Renee knows how to find the best deals, here are her tips

Tanyka Renee Henry is an international travel influencer who takes her 286,000 followers on a journey every time she shares her breathtaking content on Instagram. The Brooklyn native who grew up in New Britain, Connecticut, began traveling as an escape from her mundane life but today it is her full-time job. As a professional world traveler, Henry […]

Millennial travel enthusiast launches company to help others globe-trot

Daia Larie is a fashion and travel enthusiast from Los Angeles. The free spirit began her travel journey with a limited amount of cash but a limitless desire to follow her passion. After traveling to 21 countries, meeting dozens of new people and embracing several different cultures, Larie started a blog to share her experiences with others. The millennial globetrotter […]

How to turn your passion for world travel into a paycheck

world travel

In 2017, you would not believe the things you can get paid to do. From creating PowerPoint presentations to shopping for someone else — you can literally get paid for anything! One ingenious entrepreneur, Rachel Hill, has managed to turn her love for world travel into a booming brand. She can literally do what she […]