Smooth hip-hop and R&B singer and songwriter Detroit Brooks, aka 504 Detroit

Hailing from New Orleans, Detroit Brooks, aka, 504 Detroit, is commanding attention on the music scene. Having grown up in the 9th ward section of New Orleans, Detroit began showcasing his prowess in the church choir and on talent show stages. The proverbial apple definitely doesn’t fall far from the tree. Detroit’s dad, Detroit Sr., is is the […]

LeToya Luckett shares her insecurities and offers advice to young starlets

Story by Stereo Williams Photographer: DeWayne Rogers Makeup: AJ Crimson Hair: Maisha Oliver Stylist: Seth Brundle LeToya Luckett has been a star for quite a while now. After rising to fame as an original member of the famed girl group Destiny’s Child in the late 1990s, then stepping out on her own as a solo […]

Black ‘Treme’ actor Rob Brown racially profiled and handcuffed at Macy’s

Rob Brown has starred alongside Sean Connery and Samuel Jackson in the films Finding Forrester and Coach Carter, respectively. Brown also stars in the HBO series “Treme.” However, his acting credentials did not prevent him from becoming a victim of racial profiling. According to reports by NY Daily News, Brown has sued Macy’s flagship store […]

The 10 best TV shows of 2012

When it comes to ranking television’s top programs from the last year, there has to be some distinction between quality and ridiculous reality TV. That’s why you will not see the Kardashians, “Basketball Wives,” or the “Bad Girls Club” on our list of the 10 best TV shows of 2012. Click continue for some noteworthy […]