Radazz Hearns update: Black teen shot by police will be charged

Radazz Hearn, the 14-year-old Black teen shot by police seven times while fleeing will be charged according to police. Law enforcement officials have stated that Hearns pointed a gun at police while running with two of his friends. One of the friends stated to police that Hearns did in fact have a gun, which was recovered at the scene […]

New Jersey police shoot unarmed teen 7 times as he runs away

Radazz Hearns, 14, of Trenton, New Jersey, is lucky to be alive. The unarmed teen was shot seven times by police last week while he was running away. According to Hearns’ family, police jumped out of an unmarked vehicle and ran after him and two friends. The teens were just walking down the street when police […]

Wahida Clark Discusses Part 5 of Best-Selling ‘Thug’ Series

Wahida Clark spoke with rolling out recently to discuss the continuation of her best-selling series, Thug. Titled Justify My Thug, Clark’s new book expands upon the ideals of her earlier series, incorporating themes of love, love lost, betrayal, sex and drugs. While Clark, as a writer, maintains the integrity of her earlier work, she also […]